Susan Laduzinsky, MD, Story

Learn about Dr. Susan Laduzinsky’s personal experience with breast cancer and her treatment at the Breast Health Center.

Meet Dr. Susan Laduzinsky, a breast cancer survivor.

Talk about your experience as a patient of the Breast Health Center.

Dr. Laduzinsky admits that it was hard being a patient. She tried her darnedest to do what the doctors told her. But she really feels it’s important to be your own advocate. One of the jokes at the Breast Health Center’s Tumor Conference was, “Never argue with a woman about her breasts.” In Dr. Laduzinsky’s case, it was really hard to see any abnormalities on mammography or ultrasound, but she felt something. She knows that if that happens you still need a biopsy. So she got to the biopsy point, and she decided her course of therapy as soon as she got her diagnosis. “When you do something for 25 years, you kind of know what you are supposed to be doing,” she said. She started chemotherapy first, followed by surgery, then radiation at the Cancer Treatment Center. She remembers radiology asking who was in charge of her treatment and she said, “Well, I am.” But, the physicians were very good about working with her and allowing her to take charge a little bit…or maybe a lot.

How was the nursing staff at the Breast Health Center?

Phenomenal, just phenomenal. She said everyone’s attitude is just “whatever the patient needs.” It is very nice to work in an environment where everyone just pitches in and does what the patient needs.

What would you tell people who may be considering going to St. Louis for treatment?

She said the Breast Health Center has very high-quality equipment and wonderful radiologists who dedicate themselves to doing good reads. Mammography is a tough thing to read. There is a nurse navigator who can really help out in terms of the process, both good and not-so-good mammograms. If you feel better going to St. Louis, that is what you should do, but very high-quality care is available locally.