Breast Specialists

Breast Specialists

Learn more about our breast specialists by watching their videos.

Medical Director/Breast Surgery

Dr. James Clanahan

See why Dr. Clanahan is so passionate about Memorial’s Breast Health Center.

Medical Oncology

Dr. William J. Popovic

Learn about how Dr. Popovic collaborates on treatment plans and the relationships he builds with his patients. 

Dr. John Visconti

Find out about Dr. Visconti’s role at the Breast Health Center and how his interest in medicine developed. 

Dr. Guillermo Rodriguez

Watch Dr. Rodriguez’s insights on what the Breast Health Center offers patients and what is most rewarding about his job.

Radiation Oncology

​Dr. Susan Laduzinsky

Learn about Dr. Laduzinsky’s role at the Breast Health Center and how her battle with breast cancer helps her commiserate with patients. 

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